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A message from Sister mary

WKQA THE ROCK is a vision from God, I’ve worked at several radio stations throughout South Carolina. I watched and worked with some of the best radio legends around, one thing I learned from them was to love and respect everyone most of all be professional in all your endeavors. Professionalism is hard to find in a lot of today’s business.


Our Goal

WKQA THE ROCK’s goal is to help promote God’s people, take them to higher territories, and open doors I can help open. This is what God is requiring me to do as I will be about his business.

I thank God for allowing me to meet great radio personalities such as BRO. EUGENE SHELBY, AKA The Man with the SILK VOICE, MR. GUS WILSON a radio personality and great promoter BRO. RICHARD ADAMS and others taught me some of the in and outs, do’s and don’ts.

 Our Motto

 Our motto is to make a difference in the world of music, WKQA THE ROCK will be giving all music that’s has gone through the proper channels a chance to be heard.

I feel through all the trials and tribulations I endured God was teaching and letting me know no matter what comes my way He got me, yet to know how to love, respect and treat people.

If you are a gospel group you can send your music to the address below to be reviewed or get one of our package deals.


Download the app www.wkqatherock.com and share.

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