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Content Benefits: Why Is Trade Discount Given? Trade Discount Journal Entry Recording Sales Having a Trade Discount Terms Similar to Trade Discount Recognition: How are Trade Discounts Recognized? What Does Discounts Received & Allowed Mean? The customer paid the full amount after 5 days to enjoy the cash discount. Please calculate the cash discount and […]

Reorder Point Definition & Formula + Calculator

Content Lead Time and Reorder Point Safety Stock Method 5: Normal distribution with uncertainty about the demand and the lead time (independent) How To Automate Your Reorder Point Calculation How to Calculate Reorder Points with the ROP Formula Tips for setting reorder points How to calculate safety stock? What is the Reorder Point Formula? With […]

Accounting for obsolete inventory Accounting Guide

Content How to Adjust Entries for a Merchandise Inventory Ensure Inventory Is Visible and Available Across Channels Obsolete inventory – definition and example Understanding Obsolete Inventory How to manage obsolete inventory Articles GAAP rules require businesses to set up a reserve account for obsolete inventory on their balance sheets. This example shows how a company […]

Partnerships Internal Revenue Service

Content New! TurboTax Live Full Service Business Self-Employment Taxes and Partnership Income When is IRS Form 1065 due? What if the Partnership’s Fiscal Year Is Different From the Partner’s? Partnership Tax Frequently Asked Questions Understanding Guaranteed Payments to Partners Investment expenses are deductible expenses (other than interest) directly connected with the production of investment income. […]

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