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What Sobchak’s appeal actually is talking about?

Why is Ksenia Sobchak running for president? What can be read between the lines in her letter to voters? How to interpret her behavior in a video calling to vote “against all”? Specialists of the First Research Center for Profiling “Profile Group” answer these and other questions.

The reaction of society to Sobchak’s performance was different-someone was glad, someone laughed, someone became furious, someone was disappointed. Many accused her that the letter to voters was written with errors, and the video message was completely done.

We asked the “Profile Group” experts to help figure out what is hidden behind a cozy picture in the video and “illiterate” text. Spiling methods allow us to evaluate and predict the behavior of a person, based on the analysis of non -verbal signals, the manners of the construction of speech and other inconspicuous nuances.


“At the beginning of the video message, Ksenia says:” I decided to use this right “. At that moment, she squeezes her hands greatly. This can be interpreted as follows: this is the right and the need to use it forces her to be nervous, she experiences severe stress, ”said Svetlana Grunina, head of the Profile Group. – immediately after this, talking about his attitude to Zyuganov, Yavlinsky, Zhirinovsky, Ksenia behaves much more openly. Her hands and gestures talk about the same thing that the words – there is no imbalance “.

When in a video message we are talking about the current president, we again have something to look for.

“As soon as Ksenia says the words“ Vladimir Putin has become president ”, she again gripes her hands greatly, tension is visible on her lips,” continues Svetlana Grunina. – At the same time, she behaves completely naturally, when she talks about the future, about her son. Her emotions and body language correspond to words. Signs of stress and attempts to support themselves are visible only when it comes to elections and Vladimir Putin. “.

Positioning of himself as a candidate “against all” also says a lot.

“Association of himself with the count“ Against all ”, Ksenia shows that he does not even consider the option in which the count with her surname will gain the maximum number of votes,” Grunina explains. – When talking about the column “against all” on Ksenia’s face, sadness appears, and the same thing we see when she says: “Enough, guys, well, good! Well, true, well, you got it all!”

Is it possible to draw any conclusion out of this?

“We can say that Ksenia is experiencing a complex set of emotions,” says Svetlana Grunina. -She is simultaneously in severe stress due to the fact that she will have to oppose “against all”, in fact-against Putin, and at the same time experiences deep sadness due to the fact that there are simply no other candidates ”.


With a letter from Ksenia Sobchak, which was published in the newspaper Vedomosti, not everything is also so simple.

“Firstly, it is worth remembering that with a high probability, Ksenia did not write this text herself,” says Svetlana Grunina. -Secondly, if you still analyze the text, you can distinguish several main points in it:


“I accept all the possibilities as a challenge” – the letter said. This suggests that it can be too “possible”. I will explain what this means: she is ready to use any available methods to achieve the goal.

And even if we consider her nomination for the presidency as a share paid “from above”, you need to be a very “possible” person in order to agree to such a situation, while realizing all the possible consequences.

The same statement speaks of an oversized ego, about the need to assert himself and prove to others what it is capable of. But we are not talking about psychological injuries and not about attempts to satisfy our ambitions.

Choice without choice

In a letter, Ksenia uses a very competent logical connection between those candidates who have long been calling the eyes for a long time, and those who really want changes. She writes very generalized, and every reader can substitute the names of those who he himself thought about in the right places.

At the same time, Ksenia peremptorily says that you can divide society into those who want changes, and current candidates. They still dictate certain changes (another question – how we relate to these changes), but this topic does not even rise, and quite consciously.

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